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Spindle Liner

Spindle Liner

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Spindle Inside Diameter

Nub Tool's full-length Lathe Spindle Liners are expertly 3D printed to order in 3-5 business days. No longer must supporting your material be a tiresome task or a budget breaking investment. You tell us what sizes you want, and we'll make it happen! Our standard liners are as shown with a round I.D., if you need something weird, contact us before purchasing.

After you place your order, we will provide an order form to collect your spindle measurements. We will use these dimensions to make your spindle liners accordingly. The clearances and dimensional tolerances to expect are described below.  

Standard Tolerances:

Liner O.D.        .010"-.030" undersized

Liner I.D.          .015" -.035" oversized

If you only need a few liners this is the place but if you are looking for a wide range of sizes, we offer large sets at a great buy. Click here to see what we offer.

But wait there's more....

Making spindle liner creation more accessible and cost-effective, we now offer digital download options for printing the liners yourself. Enjoy the convenience of crafting your own spindle liners when and how you need them.

Check out the available digital download options here.

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