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Spindle Liner Model Download

Spindle Liner Model Download

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The Nub Tools Spindle Liner Digital Downloads make creating spindle liners easy and economical, giving you the freedom to craft them on your own terms and timeline. Our CAD models can be customized with easy to use dynamic functions, or you can opt for our ready-to-slice model package that we craft just for your needs.

The Fusion 360 and Solidworks(2022) Models will be made available after purchase.

For the model creation service please allow 2-4 business days for delivery of your STEP/STL files. After you place your order, we will provide an order form to collect your spindle measurements. We will use these dimensions to make your spindle liner models accordingly. The clearances and dimensional tolerances to expect are described below.  

STEP/STL Models Standard Tolerances:

Liner O.D.        .005" undersized

Liner I.D.          .030" oversized


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