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Gen 2 5C Collet Chuck System - Preorder

Gen 2 5C Collet Chuck System - Preorder

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Chuck Size
Bore size (sleeve inside diameter)
Jaw Groove Width - Hole Spacing

Release Date Mid-January-Mid-February 2024

All orders from now until the end of the year are PREORDERS for the new style at current pricing. 2024 will come with new increased pricing.

The Gen 2 will have some great new features:

  • Interchangeable with other same size chucks (no longer is dependent on bore size)
  • Faster collet changes
  • Improved style and coolness
  • Save money when you have multiple machines, all it takes to go from a 6" chuck to a 12" is the purchase of an additional set of jaws!

The Nub Tools CNC Collet Chuck System, also known as a "Master Jaw System", is for CNC power chucks.  A cost effective and efficient alternative to a standard collet chuck that eliminates the need to remove your chuck from the machine. This system provides a positive stop-dead length for repeatable part lengths when using a collet workstop. Installation is as fast and easy as installing a set of soft jaws. The ability to switch workholding with standard jaws to running collets in just minutes will skyrocket your shop's productivity.  *A total runout average of .001" - .003" can be expected out of the box with a chuck in good condition and quality collets. 

Find the collet system that matches your specifications.  If you don't see matching specification for your chuck, please Contact Us to determine the correct system needed.

*All jaws have 1.5mm X 60 deg jaw serration

*T-nuts and jaw mounting bolts not included.

*Run out is measured with a 2" long pin, 1" hang out. Proper material support with long bars is crucial. Your collet jaws can be skim cut to be true to your machine for greater accuracy. Instructions provided.

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