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Handy Press Workstation

Handy Press Workstation

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Handy Press Workstation


Give yourself a Handy Press Workstation for your Harbor Freight 20-ton shop press. 

Choose your options:

Handy Press Workstation - Designed to support your work, press plates, tooling and prevent tools and parts from falling in between the crossmember gap.


1 Press Plate Buddy

1 Base Plate, 11" Deep x 15" Wide x 1/4" Thick Steel

1 Base Plate Plug

2 Press Plate Locating Pins (Press Plates NOT included)

Press Buddy - Secures your press plates and prevents tools and parts from falling in between the crossmember gap. 

Base Plate - Supports your work, press plates and tooling. The Base Plate bolts directly to the shop press cross beam when used alone (drilling required). Hole plug not included.

 ***Not to be used to press directly upon. Press plates are still required for use!


Designed for the late model Harbor Freight 20-Ton Hydraulic Press with 4" wide C-Channel bar material side posts.

Inside Dimension of side posts- 22 1/2" 

Cross beam gap width - 4"


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