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CNC Collet Chuck FAQ

What keeps the collet in place?

The collet is held in place by the collet housing which is supported by the inside diameter of the chuck.

Does the collet fasten somehow to my chuck?
No, your collet housing and collet float freely inside the chuck bore.
What is the RPM rating?

The RPM rating will be the same as your chuck’s RPM rating and can be treated as you would any other top jaws.

What do I measure to get my bore size?

Take the inside diameter of your chuck bore protective sleeve. This is the component that is generally held in place by three screws.

Can your Master Jaws be made for a 16C collet?

Yes, by special order, contact us for pricing and lead times

Is your collet system a dead length system?

Yes, when chuck pressure is applied, the collet housing is pulled forward and makes contact with the inside of the top jaws. This creates the repeatable positive stop.

Can you use collet work stops with this CNC collet chuck?

Yes, the collet is open all the way through

Would I be able to use an automatic bar feeder?

Yes, material can pass completely though the collet. Bar feeding and bar pulling operations can be fully utilized.

Can I use expanding collets?

No, this system does not pull back on the threaded portion of the collets.

Do the jaws need to be machined before use?

In most cases no, your CNC collet chuck will come out of the box ready to go. Depending on the condition of your chuck and the quality of your collets, it may be necessary to skim cut the jaws to true them to your machine. This procedure is very simple ad fast to do. All information and instructions are included.

Will your CNC collet chuck work with collets that hold square stock?

Yes, including many other shapes that are available for 5C collets

Seriously $1? 

Yes, seriously! We are so confident that this tool will be a game changer for you that we want you to try it for only $1.

Harley Valve Spring Compressor FAQ

Will you ship this to Canada?
Yes, we ship world wide
Do you ship to the UK

Oh Yes!

Do you ship to Australia?

Yes and Yes

Does your Harley Valve Spring Compressor Complete Kit come with adapters to fit the different spark plug hole sizes found on Evo and TC engines?

Yes, the cylinder pressurizing hose is equipped for both the 12mm and 14mm spark plug holes.

Does the Nub Tools Valve Spring Compressor work on aftermarket Harley heads?


Will your Harley valve spring compressor work on 883 Sportster heads?


Seriously $1? 

Yes serious!

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  • The inside diameter of the chip guard sleeve.