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Nub Tools has cnc collet chucks that are the cheaper alternative. They are the fastest and easiest to install. Our collet chucks install by removing the 3 jaws of the chuck, then bolting on our system. It’s so easy your grandma could do it. The typical run out is. 001- .003 out the box. We know you will love this system as much as we do. Our cnc collet chucks saves so much time and money. Quick set up performed by the machinist will soon be profitable. There is no need to remove the chuck from the machine. Simply install this tool by bolting it on.

Now you can utilize 5C collets with Nub Tools cnc collet chucks.Save thousands of dollars with our collet Chuck system.Standard collet chuck systems cost thousands of dollars and ours only cost less than $900. It’s going to save you both time and money. Not to mention its a much cheaper alternative than standard collet chuck spindles.You will enjoy the economic and efficient methods that this system provides. All work will be done faster and easier than ever before with the best collet system on the market for the money.

You can’t beat it, really it is fantastic! It will let you make your parts so much faster and easier than you ever thought possible. But best of all costing far less than it did ever before. I think it’s so easy that your grandmother could even do it. All you do is remove your standard hard or soft jaws, then install the parts in your tool kit. Then put in your 5C collets and make the adjustments. Put it all together and you’re in action and in no time and it’s far less money than the alternative systems. Have you ever had to install a CNC Collet nose?

Man it is not fun, first thing you gotta do is unbolt the chuck and then you have to put the draw tube in a specific position and then you have to unbolt the chuck then inspected the threads.Next you need to clean all the surfaces and make sure that there is no deep burrs or scratches. When you go to get your collet chuck system, be sure to check it for scratches,dents and dings. Then you gotta put it in and get the draw tube centered. It’s gonna take you a really long time and it’s gonna be very frustrating.

Besides that you are going to loose lots of valuable production time. This is the collet chuck system for you. Just give the best tool manufacturers around a call. They are there right now at Nub Tools in Edmond,Oklahoma. You can’t beat the price, quality and service that you’re going to get for the cnc collet chucks they provide. It is fantastic every person that uses it loves it and they raved about how much time and money they save every time they use it. You can too with this system.

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Many options are open to you, you can use round stock, square stock, rectangle stock on any type of material you can think of. Why not can call at all hours of the day? Versions are available for 5C collets and 16C collets. All parts constructed from high-grade US steel material right here in the USA. Where else can you find cnc collet chucks for this low price with this value? It’s hard to come by. Give us a call today. We have most sizes in stock and they are a cheaper alternative than a standard pull back styles.

Since the collet chuck system is faster and easier to use it will blow your mind. So what are you waiting for, start making more money today with high-quality parts made in the USA. Collet chucks will be used on all different types of CNC lathes. Machines with three jaw power chucks like Kitagawa, Samchully, HOWA‘s, Strongs, and LMC‘s are great! You name it we can make one for it as long as you have a three jaw power Chuck with 1.5 mm x 60° serrated jaws. We’ve got you covered and we make them for all different sizes.

Chuck’s that are a 6 inch chuck, 8 inch chuck, 10 inch chuck and 12” chuck‘s. Our system works with all of these and we can make one for all different types of manufacturers of machines.We make them for Haas CNC lathes and we make them for Doosan turning centers. We offer Workholding products for lathes like these and other cool tools come check it out. Try it out and just get it in your hands and you’ll be so happy, you will wonder how you ever survived without it.

It is the cheapest alternative to other cnc collet chucks and it is the right application for both short runs and long runs. You can bar pull and bar feed your stock or just set it by hand. Have you ever wondered if there was a better way and a cheaper way to run 5C collets?It’s not too late. A standard pullback collet chuck system with a pullback type, is in the past. Use this whether you need it once every while or all the time. We have it for you right here, all you gotta do is give us a call and we will have it quick.

I will have one made just for you, they’re fantastic and easy to use, they are slick looking with black oxide coating on with high grade materials and with American craftsmanship ship you can be confident in your purchase.We always offer a guarantee that you will love your product or you can return and get your money back. We only want you to keep it if you’re going to love it and almost never return very often. To visit the web site go to If you want to speak to one of our friendly customer service reps call 1-800-674-3559 today!

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