Nub Tool’s early beginnings sprung up out of our founder’s first business, Irving Customs, established in 2005. There at Irving Customs, David Irving provided welding, machining, and handmade motorcycle and automotive custom parts for his customers dream projects. Previous to this venture David worked under the mentorship of the legendary top fuel drag bike racer, Sam Wills, of Racing Innovations. At Racing Innovations, David absorbed every ounce of what he could form his idol and began nurturing his skills in welding, machining, fabrication and mechanical design. It was here that his first inventions and eye for mechanical solutions developed. Soon afterwards, the time had finally come to pass that had been prophesied by the Ancient Ones long ago. The overhead Harley Valve Spring Compressor was born. Many generations of prayers had been answered. In 2008, the leaves of the Irving Customs’ tree withered away but Nub Tools lived on after the Harley Valve Spring Compressor was debuted on the Speed Channel and voted as one on the top new inventions of the industry at the 2008 V-Twin Expo. Since then, Nub Tools has been providing the solution for Harley-Davidson mechanics worldwide who needed an easy to use, safer and more versatile Harley valve spring compressor.

As time went on David Irving’s involvement in manufacturing and modern CNC machining exposed more problems that needed solutions. This windy road led him to the CNC Collet chuck problems that so many machine shops face. He found that many machinists need to make parts that are large and require soft jaws for work holding and then on the same machine have the need to run small diameter material to which required collets for proper work holding. The problem was twofold, one is the justification for the high cost of conventional CNC collet chucks when they only need to be used intermittently. Second, it is very time consuming and tedious to install and remove these systems. Since time is money, he needed to find a way to quickly and easily switch back and forth at an economical price. So on the hunt he went and to his dismay there had already been a very nice wheel. However, to his good fortune, and to others misfortune, the perfect CNC collet chuck solution was not being shared with the world. David felt pulled to make this not so any more and with some improvements of functionality and appearance the Nub Tools CNC collet chuck system was added to the Nub Tools family roster. Nub Tools is now growing every day; creating and designing new solutions for your machine shop and motorcycle service departments. We hope you join us as friends here at Nub Tools.

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  • The inside diameter of the chip guard sleeve.